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    Sunday, 21 February 2016

    Student Wellbeing at Parkwood Green Primary School

     At Parkwood Green Primary School, the Wellbeing Team acknowledges the importance of student wellbeing in achieving academic outcomes and success in school. The team works with school staff and families in a prevention based approach with intervention offered as required. 

    The Wellbeing Team provides individual counselling and case management support to students for matters such family separation, mental health, grief and loss, social skill development, learning and behavioural difficulties, disability support, stress management, friendship problems, and general welfare assistance.  

    The Wellbeing Team is available for consultation and can also assist with mediating conflict between students. Our school utilises the supports offered through the Department of Education and Training Student Support Services such as Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists and Visiting Teacher services. Referrals to external support agencies and services are made where appropriate.

    The Team helps inform school policies and also play a pivotal role facilitating and delivering school based programs including targeted small group programs, and social and emotional learning curriculum. 


    The Wellbeing Team

    Our Wellbeing Team consists of a Student Wellbeing Officer, Student Engagement Officer and an Educational Psychologist.

    Melanie Hayward is our Student Wellbeing Officer. 

    Melanie is a Leading Teacher with a Masters in Student Wellbeing and is a registered Counsellor, majoring in Trauma Response, Crisis Intervention and Children & Adolescence.

    Melanie has worked in Educational settings for over 10 years as well as in private practice. Additionally Melanie runs workshops in Mental Health First Aid. In the past, Melanie has volunteered as a counsellor and supervising referral officer for Lifeline Australia.

    Melanie is passionate about public education and student wellbeing. She enjoys fundraising for charity organisations and travelling with her family having recently returned from Gallipoli for the 100th Anniversary. 

    Chloe Panayiotou is our School Psychologist.

    Chloe is a Provisional Psychologist and has two master’s degrees in Educational Psychology and School Psychology having completed her studies at Columbia University – Teachers College in New York City.  She is a registered School Psychologist in America and is currently working towards being a full Registered Psychologist in Australia. Chloe is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and enjoys using Mindfulness and Positive Psychology as part of her sessions.  

    Chloe’s professional experience includes having her own private practice overseas, working in youth organisations, various school settings, and private clinics. This allowed her to work with children of different cultural backgrounds, presenting with a range of emotional and behavioural issues.

    Chloe enjoys the outdoors and has been a volunteer camp counselor and team leader for over 5 years at a non-profit youth organisation.  She also travelled to Peru where she volunteered by helping at an elementary/middle school program for low-income families.

    Chloe is a warm and passionate professional who enjoys the challenges of working with students.   Chloe is a big advocate for mindfulness, gratitude, and compassion and her aim is to change the world one child at a time.


    How to access support from The Wellbeing Team

    Families are welcome to speak with their child's teacher, Assistant Principal or ring the school on (03) 9449 3600 and ask to speak to a member of the Wellbeing Team directly should they wish to access support for their child. Staff may refer children to access support. Should families wish to access external support agencies, the Wellbeing Team are available to discuss options within the local and surrounding areas. 

    Staff may refer students to student wellbeing for positive behavior support. All assessments and information shared with The Wellbeing Team are shared within the school on a ‘need to know’ basis to ensure privacy. Please do not hesitate to speak with us regarding this.

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