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A school committed to 'Excellence & Opportunity'

Parkwood Green Primary School is a Foundation to Year 6 primary school specialising in individualised teaching and learning, technologies and excellence.

The school has built a strong reputation in the local community, mainly due to a focus on learning and achievement, our positive student attitudes and behaviour, and our family friendly atmosphere.

Parkwood Green attracts enrolments from a wide range of families, and values the feedback and partnership between parents, teachers and students.

We work hard to make our school the best it can be for our students, and we are very proud of our unrelenting focus on student achievement and personal growth.  The school offers a range of support interventions to enable all students to meet their full potential.

Parkwood Green is an impressive Government  school.  The growth achievements made over the past 14 months are strong across the dimensions of student learning, and student confidence and leadership.  The school's facilities and infrastructure,  has enabled a positve and proactive  approach to team teaching and to pedagogical thinking.  Many visitors comment on the positve and vibrant learning environment for the students and the community.

Parkwood Green has a positve leadership profile supported by strong moral purpose and experience.  All are welcome to participate.

The current Principal Kerri Simpson welcomes you to our/your great school.