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Cyber Safety

Parkwood Green Primary School is committed to the education of ‘Cyber Safety’, providing students with the necessary skills to become more aware and able to manage the risks of using the Internet appropriately. Our goal is to enable students to have a safer experience when using the Internet both at school and at home.

For students, the Internet has become an important tool for learning, researching, creating and communicating across a global setting. With more and more schools using ICT to enhance learning from a much earlier age, we need to make sure that we are educating our students of the risks that are involved and provide them with strategies for using the Internet safely.

Students have the opportunity to share personal information about themselves, their families or their friends, and generally do this without knowing that these details can be accessed and used by anyone around the world. They may be exposed to inappropriate content that may cause them emotional harm or they may experience ‘cyber bullying’ through unwanted emails or online chatting. There are also risks of downloading inappropriate files or viruses that may harm the computer they are using.

For more information about ‘Cyber Safety’, please visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) website


·  About the technology

·  Risks and concerns

·  Keeping your computer secure

·  Mobiles

·  Family safety resources

·  Glossary

·  Brochures and downloads





Interactive Videos that help students explore and understand ‘Cyber Safety’ –