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Parkwood Green

The place to learn, succeed and grow.

Parkwood Green Primary School ....... one of Victoria's most vibrant primary schools.

Located in the rapidly expanding Taylor's Hill and Hillside growth corridoors, Parkwood Green has quickly become the school of choice for many families. The structure of three Sub-Schools has enabled this large school to offer a small school feel.  Principals lead the Sub-Schools (Junior, Middle and Senior) and are known to students, teachers and parents alike. The Sub-School Principal has their office in the areas of the school which they lead. Our goal is for your child to be 'known by their name'

Featuring modern buildings, strong growth in student achievement, outstanding 1:1 iPad technologies  and Individualised Learning Plans with constant parent connection for every family and  every child, Parkwood Green is looking like being at the forefront of a modern education.

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