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Education is our collective responsibility

Parkwood Green is an open and inviting school that values input and partnerships with parents and the wider school community.

The school continually works to offer a strong customer focus, and strives to build links with families through Individualised Learning Plans for every child, Information Evenings, regular Parent Forums and the Parent Open-Line encourage ongoing feedback to the school.  The school encourages  parent participation in camps and excursions, daily classroom reading, working bees and a host of other activities.

Boasting an energetic and dedicated School Council and Sub-Committees structure, parents and families have every opportunity to become involved in policy formation, school wide decision making and fundraising activities.  Parkwood Green is a friendly school where parents and family members feel valued and welcome.

The school recently appointed a Community Liaison Officer (Kellie Neil) to formally show the school's commitment to involving the community and strengthening the partnership between home and school.  The school and the sub-school strucutre is a commitment to building a culture of learning for all stateholders; parents, students and teachers.

Our school's Annual Parent Opinion Survey results continually provide direction to the processes and strategies of the school, which reflect the value we place in home/school partnerships.